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Long X Visitor Center Petroleum Display

Long X Visitor Center Petroleum Display

With increased oil activity in the area, western North Dakota has drawn attention from news outlets across the region and nation. It is an exciting time in our community and with more visibility on a national scale comes more curiosity from the public. 

The North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil and Gas Division and the North Dakota Geological Survey collaborated to establish the first comprehensive petroleum industry exhibit in North Dakota at the Long X Trading Post. An entire room is dedicated to this exhibit, which illustrates the importance of the oil and gas industry to McKenzie County and the State of North Dakota. The exhibit includes interactive displays that show  the stratigraphic columns of North Dakota, the rock formations, and depths below the surface of the rock formations, that produce oil and gas in McKenzie County as well as oil well cores and crude oil samples from 12 producing wells.

With increased requests for drilling rig tours, the Pioneer Museum and Job Development Authority has been fundraising to incorporate an addition of a replica of a drilling rig with supplemental educational videos and resources to our existing oil display. Through private donations, grants and the support of the community the display has been delivered and is available for tours.

This type of addition is so important to our visitors as well as our community, not only because it is unique, but also because it is relevant to the times and booming economy in the area. This display  attracts visitors and educational institutions seeking tours and guests are given the exclusive opportunity to get up close to a drilling rig in order to better understand what it looks like and how it functions and in turn, it provides us with the opportunity to educate guests about the industry and natural resource development in the area. This display also gives us the chance to discuss with youth career paths in the industry and region as well the role oil development plays in our everyday lives. 

To schedule a guided tour and educational session contact:

Jessie Scofield
Special Projects Coordinator

McKenzie County

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