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County Correctional Facility 100% compliant

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On September 26, 2017 the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation conducted an annual inspection of the McKenzie County Correctional Facility.  The McKenzie County Correctional Facility operates under a governing authority consisting of two McKenzie County Commissioners, two Watford City City Council Members and one Citizen-at-Large, with Ken Rooks serving as the Administrator.

The McKenzie County Correctional Facility has an operational capacity of 135 and is graded as a Grade 1 correctional facility under NDCC 12-44.1-06.  The inspection included a tour of all areas of the facility, a review of the facility’s operating manual, including the facility’s policies, procedures and post orders as well as interviews with correctional facility personnel and inmates.

It was determined that the McKenzie County Correctional Facility was 100% compliant with the 107 ND Correctional Facility Standards and applicable state and federal law.

The McKenzie County Correctional Facility was commended for the high level of cooperation shown during the inspection as well as for the facility’s leadership, dedication and enthusiasm combined with staff teamwork.  

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