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County launches financial transparency site
McKenzie County announces the launch of their new financial transparency information site. Financial information form 2013 to present is currently available on this site and new data is uploaded monthly.

About The New Transparency Site

McKenzie County employees often get asked, "How does the County use my taxpayer dollars?" It's a great question!

You may be surprised to hear that for every $1 you pay in taxes, only 11-19 cents goes to the County.

Given our limited resources, County employees are very thoughtful about the services (like improving roads and bridges and delivering better human services) your taxpayer dollars fund.

McKenzie County is committed to transparency. That's why we're excited to share the new Financial Transparency Site - an interactive site that lets you explore the County's finances. For example, you can see how much the County spends on employee wages and benefits; how the County's spending this year compares to last year; and how much the County spends on each department.

The Financial Transparency Site can help you explore the financial info in greater detail. For example, lets say you want to see how much the County spends on public safety? You can then compare how much the County spent on public safety this year to last year, or dig deeper on how much the County spent on a specific public-safety expense - like police officer uniforms.

Explore it at the link below! 

McKenzie County

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