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Community Planning

Watford City, We’re not the same. 

We’re better.

News and stories of North Dakota’s Wild West are sweeping the nation and the world. The swift rise in population stemming from Bakken oil development has put Watford City and McKenzie County on the map as a rapid growing community full of diverse opportunities for longtime citizens and new residents settling in and calling the community home.

Once a small rural town of 1,200 on the western edge of North Dakota, Watford City has quickly blossomed into a community of close to 10,000 people and growing.

This sort of rapid change has created diverse opportunities for both longtime citizens and new residents, and of course, has captured the attention of the world’s media in search of the scoop on the landscape, economy, industry and the everyday people who call this place home.

In the past few years, the community has made huge strides in their vision for growth with the opening of a new Hwy 85 bypass and four-lane highway west to Williston, the development and additions of five high-end hotels, a state-of-the art 200-child daycare facility, multiple housing developments, an elementary school addition and over 20 new restaurants and retail establishments. Plans are currently underway for a new community events center, high school, healthcare facility and an airport expansion.

“If you look around this community, nearly every business or facility is being updated or invented,” stated Gene Veeder with McKenzie County Development. “It’s a source of pride for the community to be able to so successfully plan for the future.”

We’re building, rearranging and making room to improve the lives of our growing community.   

Come and see for yourself.

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McKenzie County

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