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Watford City, We’re not the same.

We’re better.

With over 700 available hotel rooms, 25 restaurants, 26 retail establishments and growing and and newly built, construction free highways to get you there, we’re building, rearranging and making room to improve the lives of our growing community.

Today, we’re sushi bars, fine dining, movie theaters, superior hotels, shopping centers, main street business and small town service.
We’re water parks, play parks, walking paths, a state of the art wellness center and an up and coming community event center equipped for banquets, meetings, sports action, special events and much more.
We’re kids first. Parks and rec. programming, quality education, school expansions and a superior daycare center.
We’re new jobs, new housing developments, new ideas and new people coming home.
We’re what the buzz is all about and we’re open for business.

Come and see for yourself.


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