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Faces of the Patch

McKenzie County is booming with opportunity due to increased oil activity in the area.  Community members, families and individuals from all over the country and world are working hard in an industry that is evolving and changing everyday to provide oil and energy to the world.

Faces of the Patch is a collaborative project sponsored by the Watford City Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the McKenzie County Job Development Authority (JDA), and the Mckenzie County Farmer (Local Newspaper) to tell the stories of the individuals and families that make up the McKenzie County oil field.

Some people have moved here from thousands of miles away and brought with them their hopes, expertise and families, others have found opportunity in their hometown to make a living and raise a family, and some have been living and working in McKenzie County their entire lives.

They are engineers, business owners and entrepreneurs, truck drivers, human resources managers, carpenters and customer service representatives. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents, veterans, artists and musicians. They are inventors, innovators, marketers and philanthropists.

They are our community.

They are the Faces of the Patch

Look for their stories weekly in the McKenzie County Farmer.


If you or your company have a story to tell or are interested in 
sponsoring a story in the McKenzie County Farmer please contact: 
Jessie Scofield


McKenzie County

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