Area organizations

Many organizations contribute to the growth and development of McKenzie County.



  • The Economic Development Association of North Dakota promotes the creation of new wealth throughout North Dakota to develop more vibrant communities and improve quality of life. EDND members include professional economic development organizations and other businesses or organizations that have a strong interest in economic development in North Dakota.
  • The North Dakota Department of Commerce is a state agency that works to improve the quality of life for North Dakota citizens by leading efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth.
  • The North Dakota Petroleum Council works to promote and enhance the discovery, development, production, transportation, refining, conservation, and marketing of oil and gas in North Dakota, South Dakota, and the Rocky Mountain region; to promote opportunities for open discussion, lawful interchange of information, and education concerning the petroleum industry; to monitor and influence legislative and regulatory activities on the state and national level; and to accumulate and disseminate information concerning the petroleum industry to foster the best interests of the public and industry.
  • The Western Dakota Energy Association (WDEA) supports sustainable energy development and responsible revenue sharing for its members, and promotes the greater good of North Dakota.
  • Visionwest North Dakota  is a 501c3 dedicated to seek economic sustainability for western North Dakota counties. Through strategic planning sessions, community leaders and citizens have identified strategies most likely to succeed in the region. The primary goals of the project are to address immediate, short-term needs to meet growth management challenges and establish a diversified economy in the future through the development of local and regional strategic plans

Check out this brochure for area organizations, annual events and ways to get involved!